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Hellen Shirleen
Head of Digital Communications

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You can’t be a publishing house with leaders who aren’t authors. How will you know if the content is of help to the audience? How will you drive traffic to the site? The approach here is the leaders are the authors like a startup. The business model is the new trend in town.

As a publishing house, there is a team behind the array of activities that dictate the recent past’s high profits. The teamwork puts everyone on their toes to achieve results, for they all enjoy at the end of the day.

The journalists can only enjoy their pieces when the video producers and editorial team use their language skills to disseminate information. All these lie under the operations department who gets instructions from the office of the managing director.

Here are the people running the black king publishing house. Surprisingly, they also double up as writers for the engaging articles. The passion for the work among the bosses is the driving tool towards the publishing company’s success.

Edward Powell is a household name in the media scene for all the right reasons. He takes pride in the high-end organization and coordinating skills in all companies he has worked in whatever position.

The Masters of Art in Strategic management graduate has a lot on his hands in terms of achievements. The two decades of experience in traditional and modern media houses is the engine behind the Black King publishing house’s success.

His followers on social media are who in the media scenes explain his impact to generations within the media industry. Edward designed a result-oriented workplace policy that saw improvement in uptake of services within a month.

The inclusion of the digital component- the primary source of income for the company was the best decision in his reign, and it still is. Edward is in charge of all corporate and business content within the company.

Edward Powell

Managing director

When a woman is the boss of all financial transactions in a company, then know that it’s a no-nonsense kind of environment. Mercy Jukes is a Masters Holder in Financial Planning from the University of New York and a Bachelor of Commerce Holder from the University of New Zealand.

He also holds several certificates in line with finances to stay afloat in the dynamic financial industry. The financial department’s fast service is because of her hands-on skill in management and flexibility to take new economic approaches relevant to the organization.

The mother of two is a renowned member of the Women Ministry in the Seventh Day Adventist, known for honesty.

Her department took two positions in the recent company awards- The Year’s team and the Department of the Year. She takes all glory, for she is keen on details and supports her staff through thick and thin. The engaging financial content from the magazines is authored by her if not supervised by her department.

Mercy Jukes

Financial Director

The company’s entrance displays organization and proper coordination of operations- that is, the work of the leadership of Smith Blacks, the Operations Manager.

Smith is a Graduate in Corporate Leadership from the University of Australia and has attended leadership training to support his career. He believes in giving the best, whatever the cost. All him a workaholic, but unlike other bosses, Smith is the first person to arrive in the office and the last one to leave.

When you happen to come to the office before him, you doubt whether your watch is playing games with you; it’s such a rare opportunity.

People under him have used that to their advantage; there is always no pending work on the desk, each day starts with a fresh start, and he supports creativity that will move the company to the next level. The weekly editorial on governance is Smith blacks’ work, as he also doubles as the operation guru.

Smith Blacks

Operations Director

The numerous social media followers on our social media platforms are Helen’s excellent works, who is in charge of all digital communication. The dynamism in technology saw the inclusion of several technological advancements and approaches to maintain the business’s status quo.

Hellen is an author and a renowned writer in the technology niche. The Graduate in Computer Science understands the technological concepts in both hardware and software components. Her well-researched articles and social media engagement through content is the power behind success in digital communications and content in the company.

Hellen Shirleen

Head of Digital Communications

Everything authored by any of the writers must pass through the publishing manager t peruse and remove any errors before it goes live to the public. Digital content is tricky; it can ruin or build your company.

John Wilkins is the overall writer who checks on timelines for schedule content and ensures that everything is done right within the company policies. Call him a jack of all trades, for he stands in for emergency articles that require immediate attention or develop content on-demand from social media followers.

John Wilkins

Publishing Manager

Since it’s a digital content company, everything is done in the comfort of one’s computer. George links the publishing house and the customers through various digital content and social media posts. He directs all queries to the right office and ensures that the social media platforms have content relevant to the audience daily.

George Hoods

Customer Relationship Manager