Get Ready for Your Book Signing Event!

A book signing event is when an author meets their readers. It’s a chance for people who enjoy reading to come and meet the person that has brought them so much joy in life! It’s also a place where authors can sell books, interact with customers, and get feedback on what they’re doing well.

If you are planning on having one of these events in the near future, then this post may be helpful to you. We will go over how to prepare for your book signing event before it happens.

Plan your event

  • Start a marketing plan before the event.
  • Have all your books in hand and be prepared for a sell-out!
  • Make sure you have enough money to cover any fees or other expenses related to hosting an event such as hiring security, if necessary.
  • Set up a table or display of your books.
  • Promote the event! Make sure to invite family, friends and even local businesses who you think might be interested in supporting literacy efforts. Post flyers around town so people know where to find your book signing event. Put it on Facebook too!
  • “Be prepared”

Create a marketing plan

Two weeks before the event, start promoting it online and offline with a press release to local newspapers, TV stations, and radio shows. This will attract more people to come out on the day of the event.

In addition, have an email signup sheet in front of your table so that you can add new email subscribers to your list. This is a great way to stay connected with everyone who comes out for the book signing event and offer them something of value in return.

Finally, make sure you have plenty of books on hand! The more people see that they are available at this one event, the better chance you will get someone interested enough to buy one.

Get the word out with promotional materials

Send out press releases to local papers, radio stations, and news sites. Use your social media accounts to promote the event. Invite family members and friends as well!. Promotional materials are an essential part of any event. They can help you get the word out, attract new customers and build anticipation before your book signing!

Marketing can be tough, but you have our expert guidance to help make it an easy process! Just fill out the form below and we’ll send over anything that might be needed for promotion purposes – including custom graphics designed just for this type of occasion too!

Marketing your book signing event is an important part of having a successful launch. We can help you get the word out with promotional materials, so don’t delay. You could spice up your book singing and add some reading of good phrases from your book.

Invite guests to share the day with you

Invite friends and family as guests. Share the event information on your email list and social media.

Give attendees a reason to come early or stay late Offering refreshments, snacks, and coffee will entice guests to stick around for an extra hour or two before they leave. If you’re hosting in-store events after hours, offer free wine/beer/coffee/tea/snacks to everyone who’s there after a certain time. Consider bringing along a pizza oven if you’re low on budget. A pizza oven is cost-effective especially if you love pizza. Who doesn’t? Pizza ovens are also perfect this coming holiday as a gift to a fellow pizza addict.

Make it easy for guests to find you! Ensure your address is on all of the event information and consider reserving parking if necessary. If possible, make sure that the bookstore allows vendors to use their electricity (for heaters or fans).

Have some extra books on hand for purchase.

Your attendees will want to buy a copy of your book while they’re there, so bring some extras with you just in case! You can also take the opportunity to sell any other items that relate to your books (merchandise, etc.).

Plan out what events/items you’ll have at your table Make sure you have enough copies of your book to sell. If you plan on doing a reading, make sure you have the books pre-signed for purchase!

Make it fun and engaging Include activities that will keep guests entertained in between events. This could be anything from trivia contests with prizes, writing prompts or even memes/quotes related to your work.

What to bring with you:

  • Your books! Make sure you have enough copies of your book for guests to purchase. If possible, ensure that the bookstore allows vendors to use their electricity (for heaters or fans).
  • Any other items related to your work such as merchandise, etc.
  • The event information and a map of the bookstore if necessary.
  • Extra copies for purchase (in case guests forget to buy one before they leave).
  • A tablecloth and a sign with your name on it. This will make your table easier to find!
  • Refreshments, snacks, coffee/tea/wine that you can offer throughout the day.
  • This could be anything from trivia contests with prizes, writing prompts or even memes/quotes related to your work!

Get Ready for Your Book Signing Event!

Your book signing event will likely take place at a bookstore that’s local to you. You’ll want to invite guests who are interested in hearing about your book and reading the excerpts you’ve read during your readings.