The mission of Black King is to help book authors learn how to self-publish, market their books and manage self-publishing companies.
Edward Powell
Managing Director

About Us

Self-publishing allows authors to publish their books or any other media without using the services of an established publisher. It’s also stress-free and cost-effective.

DIY book marketing allows for faster publishing time. Unlike traditional book publishing, self-publishing gives faster results. Conventional publishing involves submitting your book to a book editor to get it edited and assessed before publishing.

The editor either approves the book for publishing or not. This process is time-consuming and can eventually waste the time you’d invest in book marketing. With no editors to approve books in self-publishing, the process is faster.

Moreover, a self-publishing company gives total attention to its authors from start to finish. The process also allows you to learn about the different book marketing strategies out there. It gives you total freedom on your books’ general marketing strategy.

Apart from playing a major role in book marketing, you have the power to adopt a more hands-on approach or head the entire operation of publishing and promoting your book. As a result, you gain a better understanding of how your books are marketed.

Other benefits of self-publishing your book and marketing include access to higher royalties, the ability to work on your own schedule, more creative control, and prolonged shelf time for your books.