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 Nyahbinghi Order
 Reggae is dead
 > From Jerusalem School Room to the four wings of the earth come the words of the Prophets, Priests, Apostles and Empresses.

> All good things came with Christ, and Christ never came with reggae. There is one way to the pearly gates. If Christ dont come with reggae is beacouse reggae is wrong, its Satan music and cant lead no one to life.

 Selassie I Jah Rastafari
 Word, Sound & Power
 Living Testimony
 > "Reggay is Satanisim" -Transcription and translation-

Honourable Priest Christopher Morant:
 - "Yes my Lord, the Honourable Priest Christopher Morant after the Order of Melchesidec, you know, the only Priesthood, you know, four wings of Creation, you know."
 - Yes my Lord this little interview is about… on the topic of reggae.
 - "Reggae? What you say reggae? reggae? reggae! Hotta Fayah! That a the meditation when it comes to reggae, yeah, cos The Man seh reggae is satanism you know. If a one did come to this and him come to put on him turban pon him head the minute him put on him turban him nuh take part in that no more cos him have on Emmanuel Head now and Emmanuel nuh inna that ! seen! Cos member you know there is a Constitution that tell you reggae is like politics, you know, and you nuh take part in politics and these things cos it a divide and rule system of hate, soundclash and all these things, you know. So you couldn’t serve two masters. My word is if a one did a know seh even if them nuh ready fe leggo the reggae world don’t take up the turban cos it cannot mix !"

Honourable Prophet O´Neil
 - "
Give Thanks for Our Father Melchesidec who set up this Foundation, you know, and open wide the door, you know, and bid all Ethiopian Sons and Daughters welcome, you know, to partake the Salvation Glory, you know, and true it’s Salvation it nuh mix up with the world, you know. So anything out there of the world, like the music world and the reggae world and… you know, the world we nuh mix up with !

Honourable Elder Empress July
 - "Jah deal with Nyahbinghi. Nyahbinghi bring the people together more than the reggae. Nyahbinghi carry more power, you know,  Nyahbinghi chant spiritual. Nyahbinghi more spiritual, the reggae nuh spiritual but Nyahbinghi spiritual, cos it bring the people more to god than the reggae!"

 Honourable Prophet Rohan
 - "If all things is fe Christ, and Christ never come with reggae, than The Man say you seet a one way to the Pearly Gate, a nuh two, so that mean seh if Christ nuh come with reggae that mean seh reggae wrong, seet a must Satan music that so Satan couldn’t lead no one to Life still!"

Honourable Prophet (...)
 - "Really as a fact reggae is not the way of Life, you know, a really Nyahbinghi a the ‘Way of Life’ Music."

Honourable Priest Wilton
 - "Do Give Thanks again for the Life Giver who teach I&I the Truth so I&I coulda know Good and evil, Selassie I JaH Ras Tafari. We know Our Father say, you know, reggae is a music that don’t uplift your spirit still, you know, it is a death music still, you know, a dead philosophy same way, you know, reggae couldn’t lead no one to Right, you know, reggae more bring more crime and violence as we study."

Honourable Priest Jermaine
 - "Yeah man, we do Give Thanks, you know, man seh music, you know, is food for the soul, but which music? Man seh you have a Right Music and you have a wrong music, man seh the Nyahbinghi with the Right WordSound back up, man seh a that Him a agitate for, you know, and we done know seh a DrumSound that, you know,  Nyahbinghi Order against the walls of Babylon, cutting and clearing, renting and tearing, you know, cos The Man seh the reggae drop too much ! You know, and The Man seh all a the things that promote a sex and oralism, cos if you see most people when them attend these function, a how them dressed half skin pure, half naked, you know, so a what the music a promote, a what them a live, you know, but The Man seh a dulcimena and satback then it break down into this time till it come to reggae and true it watered down now it turn streggay."

Honourable Elder Priest Forrester
 - "With the reggae sound it’s distracting to the Nation, it more like it elevate the rest of nation more like the indian and the chinese them will get more joy and more, you know, pleasure out of it and it will bring more wealth fe them also, so I think the brethren should go into themselves and see clearly seh all praises should go to King Emmanuel, Prophet Emmanuel, Priest Emmanuel, Marcus I Selassie I JaH Ras Tafari!"

Honourable Prophet Kevinton
 -"Reggae music is a thing whey Ras Tafari find seh the people them woulda love reggae more than Ras Tafari still, you know,  The Man seh reggae a just… Satanism still,  you know, so we bun out Satanism all the time."

Honourable Elder Empress Phyllis
 - "Yes my Lord, well, my word about reggae is that is a death music, reggae is death, Ras Tafari is Life, so you haffe put down the reggae now, cos reggae soon gone down to the lowest part of the earth."

 Honourable Priest Methuselah Makonnen
 - "Now these music that came upon us is because of slavery, Honourable my Lord and Empress. Our Father is now here to redeem us from colonialism music, from colonialism eating, from colonialism drinking, from colonialism way of wearing clothes, now to a Black Supremacy way of living where we was from Creational birth!
 Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I JaH Ras Tafari"

Honourable Priest Daniel
 - "Blessed Love my Lord, yes my Lord, on the topic of reggae now, you know, we know seh the word still, you know, whey come still outta the mouth still a the right word still it right always right same way but The Man seh reggae lead you out of yourself still, you know, you see me, we know seh from Creation seh Nyahbinghi a the first music still."

Honourable Elder Priest Headley Samuels
 -"My Lord the all of I&I come a school, Jerusalem School Room, and learn the same thing: seh reggae is Satanism, the word of right whey inna it is good but the music itself is a carrying away because it chant death to the righteous!"

Honourable Priest Wesmore Harvey
 -"Remember reggae is the music, you know, behind the words, seet, so we find out a one will sing something Right pon the riddim and by the time you a listen again a something wrong, you know, contradicting it can’t it nuh teach no one nothing, you seet, so as Our Father did even teach us, so the Father so the Son, The Man seh reggae is just Satanism, seet, The Man seh a lot of people, rasta people, partake with reggae, them end up dead like the reggae king, seet"

Honourable Priest Allan
 -"Blessed Love, well you see, on the topic of reggae now, well you know, seh I&I Father did done tell I&I seh, you know, seh reggae a satanism, you seet, so we know that reggae music is a wrong right whey I&I nuh support, you seet, so The Man seh if you inna reggae is like your hand inna the lion mouth, you haffe take time and take it out. The Man seh reggae is only could ongle provide you with material things, but it couldn’t bring you Life still a six foot six, you know !My Lord."

Honourable Elder Priest Sheppy
 -"Yeah bun reggae ! a just Nyahbinghi Order is the Order of the Day still, you know, them wouldn’t want fe hear nutttn bout no reggae again if them knew the power of what Nyahbinghi really carry still, so we declare reggae is just a out a world satanic kind of music, we a call the people to leggo them little reggae vibes and find back them true selves and their own music which is the Nyahbinghi Order Most Natural! Selassie I JaH Ras Tafari."

Honourable Prophet Rohan
 -"Man seh, you know, reggae, you know, if them stay with it a death them deh with, you know, so The Man seh they must come a more Life cos Life, you know, a Life create all things, seet, so they must come among Life, you know, leave among the dead and come, you know."
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 Editorial Note
 Good company
> Blessed love, give thanks to every one that has strengthened this project during this seven years of work in black-king.net.

> InI will continue growing together