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For those who love hunting and explore wildlands, they have to work in full darkness. If you are a cop or work in a private security section, you have to work in heavy darkness. Sometimes it may come into life and death situation as well. So for this, you have to use the flashlight to remove darkness and see beyond. You can now even use Flashlight in a magazine as many companies have released flashlight auto-adjustment feature in the magazine. Thinking of the hard time they have to face while holding a gun in one hand and flashlight in other, they have come up with this brilliant idea. But there are a number of flashlights out there which can be adjusted in the magazine. So you may be having a doubt that what should you buy for your 100 percent safety. Today I am going to suggest you some Led high-quality flashlight so that you guys don’t get any more trouble.

1)DX3B Mini Pro: It’s the most famous tactical flashlight, especially in army sectors. you can attach it easily with any kinds of gun magazine. what makes it more reliable is, you can use it in any way as you like. you can use it on the top of your ump 9 or Thompson. you can also use it on the magazine of 9mm pistol as well. With only a single click, you can even remove the attachment and use it single handed. It can also light up an area in 240-degree angle using it.

2)Klarus XT11GT: The most important feature you have to think about
before buying a Flashlight is if it has lightweight but huge lighting power. Thinking this Klarus has developed XT11GT. Mainly for hunting, we have to use revolvers. But attaching something with a revolver is quite impossible. It has almost 2000 lm power and so it will require high power battery as well. So you will be able to see even better with the flashlight. But for its high power, the battery will last only for 1 hour.

3)EagleTac T25C: This small beast will help you to turn new moon’s darkness into daylight. Its price is also quite cheap than others. It only needs two small battery which will give you support up to 2 hours. if you are a police officer and need to work mostly at night then this is the perfect kit for you. It even has a power controlling feature. So when you are hunting and don’t want to alert your target, you can turn on the low power mode. So you will see only the targeted spot without alerting the animal.

4)EcoGear FX: It is widely used by cops all around the world. it is mainly used for single-handed firing. It also has laser dot sight. so you will be able to use it for targeting properly as well. But for attaching with magazines, you have to use medium size weapons like SMG, Desert eagle etc.

5)Streamlight 75458: Sometimes you have to go far away especially if you are traveling in a remote zone. There you on being able to change the battery or charge it with electricity for a very long time. so you will get into trouble if the light battery dies. But with this charging is and tissue anymore. It has auto piggy bank charging function in it. By carrying only a 3*4 inch piggy bank charger, you will be able to use it for 24 hours Straight. It’s quite lightweight and small as well and so you can attach it to any magazines.

So for your safety and security, wait no more and buy one of that flashlight mention above and attach it with your magazine.

October 29, 2018 / admin