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The daily work cycle of a publishing company is tight with very few minutes even to go out and have breakfast, lunch or even dinner. This is because of massive workload and very few personnel to handle the tight deadlines. An automatic coffee dispenser is a worthy investment, not only to handle the hunger but also the health benefits of the stimulant on a human body. Look at this from the nature of work publishing company handles, remember they are in business and have to maintain customers, at one point, they are forced to work in shifts or rather extra hours to meet the expectation of an author who has posters running on the book launch. Furthermore, some authors may even need some proof reading and editing before the book is rolled out for massive production. The employees of the publishing company need extra energy to meet this demand.

Coffee is renowned as an energy-boosting stimulant. It is manufactured from coffee beans, which have significant calorie content. The calories are all not lost when it is brewed; coffee beans have sugar, fats, and protein at minimum levels. When you drink a cup of the drink, you are sure of additional calories, which add energy to the body. A more advantage of the drink is its fast action on the brain cells and central nervous system making you have instant energy. Publishers need this energy for them to complete tight deadlines and meet authors’ demands.

Copy editing and typing in publishing companies is not a walk in the park, the workers need high concentration span, which they can only handle in the early hours of your day. From afternoon, they are tired and worked up – coffee comes as a rescue. How does this work? It stimulates the brain cells by relaying energy to body cells and further catalyzing the production of hormones responsible for good moods and emotions. This later reduces anxiety and makes the brain to function in a more friendlier environment. The result is enhanced alertness on publishing company personnel.

Publishing company employees need to be healthy for them to handle the work in a more effective manner. The increased energy levels associated with grabing a cup of coffee from saeco coffee machine makes them have enhanced mental and physical exercise, unconsciously the body does not stay in one position improving blood flow to the body system. Coffee is low in fats, so, you are sure, there is less accumulation of body fats on major organs – the main cause of lifestyle diseases and associated illnesses. When there is a constant supply of coffee in the office, you are guaranteed to healthy employees with minimal health disorders.

The workload for publishing companies can cause pain and body inflammation to its workers. Coffee is renowned for reduction of pain and other body inflammation reducing the number of hospital visits and sick leaves among them improving their productivity and increasing profit in the publishing enterprise.

There are several health benefits of coffee on employees of the publishing company; since they are the drivers of the business. As long as they are healthy, you are sure of improved business contact hours, enhanced productivity and increased sales and profits.

April 10, 2017 / admin