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Publishing company management understands that at times employees need to take a break to rejuvenate as a staff. The work schedule in a publishing company is at times hectic a strenuous; a team building strategy is recommended at frequent intervals. The main reason for this is to build healthy relationships between departments and colleagues. This is the time a Director and a clerk have a good time outside the office setup in an informal environment. Sportsfest is one such team building event organized by publishing companies.

 Is Sportsfest important in a publishing company?

Out rightly, the answer is yes. In one way or the other, you will realize that you have taken orders until all you see from your superior is just work-related. The question is, is it important to have an informal function where everyone is at the same level and probably, you are in a better position than your seniors are? Of course, yes. Here are some of the reasons

 Develops psychomotor skills

Sports is one way of exercising, it is even fun when you are doing it with your workmates outside the office set up. Departments can form teams and compete, with rewards. At the end of it, you have stretched your muscles, broken the office monotony and improved your social skills with your peers. When a department wins and gets rewards, it motivates them to implement the same and achieve results through work output.

 Creates healthy relationships

Sportsfest allows seniors and juniors to mingle at the same level. It also reduces work tension and stress as a result promotes a healthy rapport among colleagues. You will realize, when you have won against your seniors, which further portrays value for different strengths, talents and weaknesses such that at the workplace, everyone strives to achieve the best at their own level. The seniors will appreciates their juniors.


Improved interpersonal skills

During sports festival you will always learn to accommodate everyone’s flaws and strengths for the sake of the company’s mission and objectives.

 Enhances teamwork

A publishing company cannot be successful without a good team spirit. When out for Sportsfest, you realize you cannot score alone, you need team effort to get the soccer ball near the goalkeeper and score. Unconsciously, employees will practice this and appreciate bureaucracy in handling office operation reducing battle for supremacy battles in workplaces.

 Helps to accepts and appreciates defeat

In a game like ping pong there must be a winner and a looser but at the end of it even its just a beginners play, we are still employees of this publishing company. Employees will emulate this in running their office function, it allows individuals to accept and own mistakes for the sake of correction and overall accomplishment of company goals.

 Encourages healthy competition

What makes an employee, the best publisher of the year, it does not mean the rest and less better, instead it acts as a challenge to the rest to do more to be recognized.

 Develops a positive attitude despite work pressure

In a Sportsfest you are all under pressure to win, whether you lose or win (so better get the right paddles that fit to your style if you will be playing table tennis). You are still friends and colleagues. It creates an impression of acquiring positive energy even when there is a lot of pressure associated with publishing companies.

 There are numerous benefits of Sportsfest to the employees and company management; all these are geared towards increasing productivity of the publishing company.

April 3, 2017 / admin