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Just like any office, some publishing companies may opt to have dogs for different purposes. In developing countries, dogs are reared purely for security reasons; in fact, they are placed at a secluded place and caged to enhance their aggressiveness. Comparatively, in developed countries, dogs are companions or rather members of the family and even taken to workplaces in cases where the publishing company has a workable dog policy. Various studies show that offices that allow employees to carry dogs in workplaces tend to have increased productivity levels compared to offices which completely deny pet dog entry in offices.

The nature of publishing companies can be a source of stress and anxiety. A dog helps the owner to relieve these since they allow them to relax and improve their alertness to face a hard day associated with publishing companies. Despite the benefits of having a pet dog in the office, the bottom line for a successful relationship is discipline and an enhanced social personality of the dog, otherwise, it can be a nuisance to its masters and colleagues.

Tips on keeping pet dogs in a publishing company

  • Designate a specific place for the dog within the office to create a sense of belonging and a caring attitude.
  • Train your dog on good manners and personal etiquette.
  • Groom your dog and ensure all vaccines are administered to avoid infections.
  • Always monitor your dog at all times and balance that with the work at hand.
  • Provide enough dog feed to avoid barking due to hunger.
  • Take a regular exercise with the dog outside the office.
  • Show the dog a specific place to excrete and release itself.

In case, other employees come along with their pets, the better the social relationship of the dogs. It is wise for the company to designate a specific area within the premises where the dogs can relax to allow their masters to work. Let the place be organized and warm enough for the pet dogs. Let them have a schedule; feeding time, break time and exercise time.

Some dog owners don’t give their dogs glucosamine but in my case, I gave my dog a bunch of glucosamine for nutritional purposes. With this schedule, you are sure of calmness from the pets and at the same time provide a good reason for you to get off your desk to take them for a walk- a good way of exercising as well. When the employee gets back to work, he is relaxed and motivated to go through the rest of the day, even if there are challenging tasks ahead.

When your company allows your pet to accompany you to the workplace, it’s a good way of keeping the employees loyal to the company and would always go an extra mile to ensure the company moves to the next level; increasing business sales and contact hours. An employee is never worried about his/her lonely pet dog at home; instead, he will spend more hours in the office because there is no reason to rush home.

Dogs play a significant role in the life of an employee, whose ripple effect is felt in the productivity equation. However, all these is only possible when the social behavior of your dog is above average right from home.

March 31, 2017 / admin