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Magazines attract a varied audience. The readers tend to look for something specific. It can be because of the cover model, which may be their favorite celebrity or a link to an article of interest, among other reasons.

Editors understand their target audience and provide value for the time and money. Have you ever bought a magazine only to notice that it was never worth the money?

Similarly, you can buy a magazine and become a loyal customer looking forward to every publication.

The difference between the two is that the first one never found what was interesting while the second one gets what they need from the publication.

If you can master your readers’ expectations, you will stay afloat in the print media industry. If not, it’s a matter of time before you register losses due to diminishing sales.

How do you know what entices the reader? Here are a few tips to help you choose the best content to maintain readers’ loyalty

  1. Get to know your audience in terms of their likes and dislikes
  2. Create solution-based content
  3. Get ideas from your testimonials column- listen to your readers
  4. Vary the content to suit all ages and generations
  5. Update yourself with trends in social networks to give you a tip on what to publish
  6. Talk of trends in the industry- factual information

With all these in mind, you register more customers in your subscription list who would love to have a copy of every magazine you produce.

As part of solving problems, entrepreneurship is a topic loved by many. Everyone wants to become their own boss.

Why not feature essential hands-on skills to guide your magazine fans of other ways of increasing their income?

Electrical work

Electricity is part of us. Most of the home appliances are powered by it. Burnt fuses and electrical devices failure is a normal thing in home electronics.

Calling electricians all the time to make minor repairs which you can do with basic skills wastes your time and your money.

We are in an advanced digital era; everything is on the web, including how to replace a fuse. Your work is to show interest; that alone attracts you to search for free or paid online classes on basic electrical systems to help you handle minor electric repairs for your device. Invest in the primary electrical toolbox, and the journey begins.


Look around you; can you fail to notice a woodwork design? Wood is a raw material responsible for beautifying our houses.

Do you know what it takes to have that beautiful furniture in place? If no, know that it involves a lot of skills in using woodwork tools.

Others are multifunctional, while others are monofunctional. In case you want to venture into the woodwork, a must-have power tool is the angle grinder.

It’s a device that can cut, polish, sand, grind, and polish. Just in case you have no idea about the features to look for in this tool, go for one with a spindle lock.

 It’s a safety measure for beginners using the angle grinder.  


Wood and metal are supplementary materials for interiors and construction. Although wood is an old concept, metalwork tends to override the use of timber due to climate change issues.

In the publishing house, your chair is made of metal. The simple joining of metals requires special skills to come up with the designs acceptable by many in the industry.

 Metalwork is a must-have skill for every individual, for the following reasons.

  • Promotes healthy living
  • Sharpens your intelligence quotient
  • Promotes a focussed mind
  • Equips you with essential soft skills- patience, hard work and commitment
  • Supports team spirit

Interior design

The introverts who love their space and want to spend time at home can try their hand in interior decor.

 It’s one skill that people earn good money while at it. As simple as it may look, it needs passion; however, other individuals who opt to try décor as an acquired skill have still been successful in the career.

If you love colors and making wherever you are neat and beautiful by making a few changes, you are an interior designer in the making.

Save time and money by creating DIY projects at home or for the office and see how it goes. It can be the beginning of a flourishing career. You never know what you have until you make an effort to appreciate the work of your hands.


Are you tired of your boss? Do you want to become your boss? If yes, then try your hand in freelancing.

Several companies are out there looking for people to handle tasks for them at a fee. Some of the freelancing skills you can offer include.

  • Social media management
  • Virtual Assisting
  • Content writing/copywriting
  • Graphic designing
  • Website development

In short, anything you can do from a computer is a skill relevant to the freelancing business. One advantage of freelancing is the fact that you can work from your remote location.

Secondly, you have full control over your time, instead of the 8-5 kind of work. The flexibility in online work makes it an ideal way to earn extra income at the comfort of your home.

With all the advantages, it’s important to note that it’s not a get-rich-quick kind of work. Your hard work and quality of services dictate your success.# Such an article on hands-on skills is relevant to your audience since you open their mind to think beyond their schedule and start something as a hobby or t help them earn more money.

June 30, 2020 / admin

Technological advancements are the footprint of this generation. Essentially, when we talk about technology, we cannot fail to mention the internet. The internet is part of us. Likewise, when thinking about DM magazines, failure to work around taking advantage of the internet is likely to put us out of business.

To make the most of this online platform, people and organizations across the globe have been working and the clock to come up with content. Asa result, the numbers of online magazines continue to grow. With so many magazines competing for the readers’ attention, the question is how one can and increase their readership. In this article, we are going to look at three important ways how an online magazine can increase its readership.

  1. Invest in Web Analytics – Since one of the objectives of starting online magazines is to improve Google search rank, it is important to take note of web analytics. Utilizing data generated by web analytics will help you to see various and important consumer patterns associated with your target audience. For instance, you can be able to monitor how your current publication is behaving and understand some of your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what your readers are looking for will place you right at their doorsteps in terms of responding to their needs. In effect, this will not only address their interests but will also help you in reaching a wider base.
  2. Maximize on Social Media Platforms – An online magazine is for people to read. This understanding should prompt us to invest in approaches that reach where people are To this end, social media platforms provide a perfect medium to connect with more readers. Depending on the nature of your content, it is important to custom-make your online magazine to capture your reader’s interests by ensuring that you provide relevant content. For instance, since most business researches reveal a heavy leaning of online magazines with Linkedln and Twitter, then you stand advised to take advantage of the same. In essence, remaining consistent in making short posts associated with what you want to share on and linking it to various platforms plays a critical role in optimizing your content and thereby boosting your Google search rankings.
  3. Get Innovative – The secret to capturing your audience lies in coming up with creative and innovative ways to share content. Gone are the days when converting content into PDF format was the order of the day. To remain relevant and increase your base, it is important to come up with new ways of boosting interactivity. Some of these ways include doing email marketing, coming up with winsome designs, allowing your target audience to share and comment on your data and introducing captivating videos and messages on your site, among others. As you continue to embrace these models, over time, it is going to be easy for you to monitor, understand, and eventually widen the scope of your readership.

When it comes to growing your online readership, there is no shortcut. You have to remain consistent and utilize the above-stated options. Along the way, your online magazine will carve a niche and help you to share and attract even more readers both within and without your space.

August 7, 2019 / admin

One thing that people fear in their daily job lives is carrying food to work. They prefer buying lunch from the food vendors around their offices. The idea of taking a food bag disturbs you to the latter. You tend to care so much, what people will say. Do not be ashamed because you will not only save money but also eat your favorite foods in your making. You will improve on the cooking by adding every spice you like and use a favorable amount of salt. If you think you are lazy and preparing food for lunch will grab most of your time, the answer is no Here is a variety of smoked dishes ideas you can try in the office for your company lunch depending on your preference today.

Heavy Lunch
The amount of food you eat will depend on your body type and time interval for lunch. Publishing companies may differ on their schedule. Some might have longer lunch breaks than others. The kind of food to smoke for lunch will depend on the two factors and the speed of your eating. Heavy lunch recipes can include Chines Barbecue Pork, which is easy to prepare. The reason being available ingredients at your grocery store. Do not roast pork the same way you do in an outdoor camp beside take your cooking to another level. You can find Chinese ingredients in the Asian market. Spice it up and add a beverage to enjoy your dish.

Light Food
Company lunch can range in lots of ways. From eating light stuff to exploiting yourself with heavy food such as chicken and meat. The decision of shifting to a light meal for lunch will depend on your breakfast. You have to strike a balance for better productivity. Do not overfeed and eventually sleep on your desk the entire afternoon. Think about macaroni and cheese. Place a fair amount of cheese you would want on the grill. Smoke it until done. Take your lunch to another level. Try some different recipes like smoking your corn with butter Add taste to your dinner and inspire every worker to follow your path.

Easy-to-smoke Proteins
Eating a balanced diet is key to better living. You get to choose what your body consumes. You can smoke a large number of proteins in your kitchen list. Distinguish prepared dishes from fish to red meat and chicken. You can burn lobster tails. I do not end there. Adding spices and icing depends on your liking. You can slice onions, tomatoes and add other flavors to spice up your taste. Make it like a real chef until done. You will love to eat the lobster tails repeatedly.

Spiced Food
Eating everyday boiled food does not require much effort. Cooked foods will make you hate cooking since the taste is the same every time You want to spice your diet so that it becomes tastier to your tongue. Flavors add sweetness to the original food. Smoked chicken with an apple flavor is an excellent way to change your taste. On top of it all, add garlic, paprika and brown sugar. Wow, it is fantastic.

Smoked dishes for a publishing company lunch covers a wide range of foodstuff. There is no limitation for you try any recipe you feel like today. A delicious food will never fail to create a bond among employees in a publishing company so might as well invest in such activity for your publishing company.

November 1, 2018 / admin

Ethiopia stands to be a place where coffee originated from The majestic coffees from the country deserve and stand a chance of being the best produced in the area. They stand up to the calling as they offer the taste many people desire. Ethiopia stands to be unique as it produces a different variety of coffee, they vary a lot, and you may think they are from different planets.

The locals mainly consume the coffee produced in the country. It has been considered to be the tradition as a lot of people cherishes the coffee, and they are among the greatest drinker of coffee. The environment in the country sustains the production of coffee in the area, and it is one of the best climates for coffee production. The condition in the country is enough for the output, and thus no other extra condition is required.
Not all of the people like coffee, but for the few that have a habit of using coffee they should try the Ethiopian coffee which not only gives the taste but also makes you feel relaxed. People in Ethiopia have been considered to use coffee to the extent that they have the coffee culture in their country. The ceremony is not all about drinking coffee alone but also acts as a sense of belonging to the family.

As the number of people continues to consume coffee, the economy of the country has grown tremendously. It has generated a lot of income to the state which in turn helps the nation in development. Arabica type of coffee is the kind of coffee consumed mostly in the country and is also considered to be very expensive. The coffee in Ethiopia is known for its strong and dry character. It contains the acidity which gives them wine like taste. They also hold a spicy aroma; if you want to have the feeling that will make you cool, then you should be thinking of tasting blackberry and the blueberry scent.

There are those coffees that are washed which are produced in Ghimbi part of Ethiopia; they have a balanced flavor and taste that seems to last much longer than the other kind of coffee. The final product of coffee is the most important as it is used in the preparation of coffee. The first taste that you have will give you the preference if it is the coffee that you want or you have another feeling. The natural smell will attract you toward the coffee. Within the country there are different varieties of coffees produced, it is only you that will pick the one that you feel it taste good to you.

The Arabica type is the best and the most expensive coffee if you choose it to be sure it will give you the taste that you want to feel. Locals produce most of the coffee; therefore it is readily available for production and processing. If you are a caffeine lover, then you should try to be on the front line in making the best selection on the kind of coffee you want to take.

July 5, 2018 / admin

An in-depth look at charcoal grills indicates that it is among one of the kitchen appliances used in the traditional homes but still finds their way in the modern homes. Companies have also mastered the positive impact of the investment, to increase business contact hours within the office premises. Publishing companies have tight schedules and a typical work environment with busy programs.

 Why have charcoal grills in a publishing company?

Employers and management of publishing companies tend to go an extra mile to ensure their employees are comfortable while in the office. Automatic coffee machines are common, why not try a charcoal grill and see these amazing impacts.

The outdoor kitchen appliance acts as a meeting point during breaks, at least they have time to relax while they prepare their grilled meals. In one way, they learn diverse grilling techniques; this is in itself a virtue – interpersonal relationships. You cannot have a grill for all employees they have to make a compromise and learn to share without overlooking on the business goals. This personality becomes a habit, when they are required to work overtime to meet the deadline, they will handle the job with appreciation. After all, they have learned the aspect of sacrifice at the charcoal grill ground.

They can also have fun and compete in preparing delicious meals as departments. The best department for tasty meals gets a treat; it could be a recipe from the management. The spirit of competition helps them gain confidence in their respective areas of work. In addition, losers and winner are never enemies, in the publishing company, there are cases where there are losses and profits. Whatever the case, it acts as an expression of acceptance in the growth or failure in the publishing business.

Most publishing houses are located on the outskirts of town. Most of the services are available within the company. What of food to quench their hunger? Yes, the grill helps employees to carry raw meat/chicken and prepare during their free time. It means, the company will always run, during breaks or lunch time since they are at liberty to take time and eat not necessarily during lunch hours. In addition, there is an increase in contact hours essential for the growth of the business.

Employees save money because of this asset. These value-added services help reduce the turnover of employees on a publishing company despite the work pressure. They never think of greener pastures, all their effort is pumped in the business. The comfort they get because of working here makes them offer valuable advice; since they have the first-hand experience in handling clients, suppliers and customers; vital in allowing the business to move to the next level.

Charcoal grillers in a publishing company are not an investment in futility. It has direct and indirect positive impact with an aim of growing the business. These simple stuff count in any goods and service provision company. However, the type of grill depends on the size of the company and availability of wood fuel to provide energy to the appliance.

April 21, 2017 / admin

Offices are our second homes. We spend more time in the office during the day compared to our residential homes. If your office is a publishing company, in one way or the other, there a few repairs, maintenance and renovations to ensure maximum comfort. At times, the work is so simple to waste time by stopping all the publishing company works, waiting for a technician or a professional to work on it, bear in mind, publishing companies work with time and tight deadlines, essential for business growth and development. To complete these simple tasks, some home tools comes in handy to make work easier(click here to view Makita 9403 11 Amp sander on as one of the home tool example). Furthermore, they are user-friendly and pose less challenge when using them.The most basic ones include:


Screwdrivers are home tools to loosen or tighten screws on metallic or wooden surfaces. Most of the appliances’ joints are joined using screws, at one point they may fall off and you need to fix, as long as you have a screwdriver, you are good to go. The machines can break down just because of a simple disconnection, which can be sorted out using a screwdriver. Instead of stopping the whole publishing work. Come on! Get a screwdriver and some fitting screws and fix the mess. Let the publishing company buy screwdrivers of all sizes to guarantee efficiency and reduce time wastage.

Woodwork toolkit

Most furniture in a publishing company is made of wood. Some type of wood when used for a long time rot especially when they are coated with plywood or other soft material, we drink and eat on the tables, water spillage may loosen the wood glue making the plywood to start peeling off. It can be a nuisance because when not keen, it can tear your clothing. A nail can also be lost, and need some fixing. You may also want to fix some nails on the wall to hang a frame, handbag etc. A basic woodwork toolkit helps you fix this kind of renovations. It consists of a mallet, nails, measuring tape, sharpener, and drill among other tools. A publishing company must invest in the kit to make work easier for employees and even masons or carpenters.

Electrical toolkit

When there is too much work, publishing companies are forced to run for 24 hours a day. The lighting system needs to be efficient. These gadgets are prone to wear and tear and even electric faults. An electric toolkit is vital to solving simple electric faults within the company. The kit consists of electric wires, fuses of different voltages, batteries of different sizes, a tester, different sizes of screwdrivers among others tools.

Other toolkits essential for the company include lawn mowers, hacksaws, pliers, spanners among other tools. They have different functions. When you opt to get home tools, which come in different sizes, the company should purchase all the sizes because you cannot dictate where to use them, that is why a toolkit comes in handy for they have all the sizes in one box.

Home tools play a great role in fixing problems associated with machines, furniture and office design in general.

March 28, 2017 / admin

The main mission of a public company is to increase the audience for journals, books, and manuals. As long as there is an increase in audience capacity for your publishing works, you are sure of more profits through business sales. Marketing automation software, on the other hand, helps a publishing company achieve this mission in a simpler and more effective way. The efficiency of marketing automation is building of customer relationship for a healthier and friendlier client- customer relationship management. The software elevates the publishing company to a higher level that promotes the business as a valuable asset. In addition, it supports long-term client-student relationship for future business growth.

Positive impacts of marketing automation on publishers

Improved business performance

Be sure of a better and quality business operations when you automate your company with an effective marketing software. How is this possible? The system integrates the marketing department with all the other departments within the company in a single set up. You can try using Leadpages, it makes great use of email marketing. This reduces on marketing and staff wages costs as well as outsourcing of marketing professionals to design campaign tools and customization of business models(Check out Gedlynk’s Series of Reviews for examples of tools). A single click of a button communicates widely to all subscribers in just a single Email. To have maximum benefits on this, use a marketing software that fits your business goals.

Customized marketing campaign tools

Publishers have varied audiences. You cannot just send all your Email marketing campaigns to all your subscribers, why? they may not be relevant. The marketing automation software allows stratified database storage for clients customization campaigns. When getting sales leads, which are mostly Emails, they are stored in a specific folder depending on their platform of entry. This allows you to send Emails to a targeted audience for relevance. Research shows that this specific lead generation has more business sales compared to the bulk mail sending to all subscribers.

Client relationship building

As a publisher, in as much as you deal with the diversified audience, customization of Email campaigns is vital to building a personal relationship with your clients. Nothing entices a client that the fact that they feel valued and addressed by their names. Marketing automation allows you to address your clients in a more individualistic way for an unlimited number of subscribers. The ripple effect is the maximum conversion of sales from Email marketing campaigns from the publishers.

Creation of database of subscribers

Have you ever had a product and do not know who to sell to? This is the benefit of marketing automation, it gives you a platform where you can get contacts in form of Emails for subscribers, which becomes your marketing audience and later consumers for your publishing company. Publishing companies’ audience mostly is people who love reading, you are sure opening an Email campaign is not a big deal to them, the content is what matters. Invest in content and attractive products – within your marketing software – that drives your audience to buy your products.

All these benefits are possible because of marvelous features marketing automation possess. The only challenge is to ensure you use your marketing research to design and create programs and products from your publishing company acceptable to your clients. Otherwise, it can be a wasted investment.

March 10, 2017 / admin